World Environment Day
Polokalame Toto Laau e faamanatu ai le Aso Faapitoa o le Siosiomaga i le Lalolagi (World Environment Day)na taulamua ai le Ofisa Faavaomalo i Samoa (UNDP) fesoasoani ai le Vaega o Vaomatua ma le Poloketi ole Lua Miliona Laau Toto a le Matagaluega.
O se polokalame taua ma aoga mo tatou ma a taeao, totoina o laau e mitia kasa oona/kaponi mai le tatou manavaina
World Environment Day was commemorated by the UNDP Samoa this morning with support from MNRE in preparing more than 500 native forest trees to plant at the Faleata Nature Reserve to mark this event and to support the Two Million tree planting campaign 2015 – 2020. Fruit trees and some ornamental palms were also planted at the compound of the UNDP office at Tuanaimato making up for carbon emitted by the staff from their previous duty travels. UNDP’s Moonshot initiative as part of this activity aims at reducing carbon emission, promoting renewable energy efficiency within the office to name a few. Such initiative highlights the “Walking the Talk” principle leading the UNDP Representative, MNRE ACEO-Forestry, and staff of both parties to plant trees to contribute to a more greenery environment and improved health quality for all people of Samoa. The carbon-neutral target by 2030 although is still a long way to get there but today’s event has contributed to paving its way to its success.
Our campaign wishes to acknowledge the tremendous support and contribution from the UNDP and its Small Grant Projects with the continuous support of our contributing partners; MAF, SCS, to name a few in making this event possible through the supply of trees and our 2million target achievable.🎄🎄🎄🙏

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