TwoMillion Trees Samoa
Honorable Fiame Naomi Mataafa, Minister-MNRE, Afioga Taefu Lemi Taefu, Associate Minister-MNRE and members of the Forestry Board visited the Masamasa Plantation within the Masamasa/Falelima National Park at Asau, Savaii on Thursday 9th July 2020. The field visit was to physically observe the different exotic and native trees that were planted years back since the early 90s during the Reforestation program by the NZAID.
The visit offered an opportunity to members of the Forestry Board to actually see the value of trees not only to the environment but people and the government through its economic and social benefits and to wisely make decisions on management strategies of the plantations and the National Park. 🎄🎄🎄
The Masamasa and Falelima Plantations covers an area of about 1,315 hectares of the National Park. 72% of the plantations are exotic tree species such as mahogany and teak whereas 28% are native trees such as malili and tava.
The Committee also visited the MAF livestock farm on the other side of Masamasa and they have appreciated the promotion of livestock farming to supply the farming needs on the island
The committee also visited the recently renovated Forestry office at Maota, now being the most upgraded Forestry office in Savaii serving our people on the eastern part of the island.