“Two Million assists the IMPRESS Project”

More than Two Hundred (200) tree saplings were planted by students to assist the Government in achieving its target goals of restoring our forests with biodiversity through the ‘Two Million Tree Planting Campaign.”

The event took place at Faleolo Reserve on Friday 14th June. It was a collaboration between the Forestry Division through the “Two Million Tree Campaign” and the ‘IMPRESS Project’ of the Renewable Energy Division.

Afioga Moafanua Tolusina Pouli – ACEO Forestry Division delivered his keynote address to all participants including four (4) invited Colleges. These colleges included; Aana I College, Aana II College, Nu’uausala College and Paul VI College.

“Our national effort is to restore vegetation and forest cover in Samoa using various native Trees that are nurtured by the Forestry Division. A healthy forest can restore various biological services that are essential to our human dependence such as water catchment, atmosphere purification, ecological niches and habitat for species. This is also an opportunity to cooperate with the IMPRESS Project to promote the importance of sustainable developments through the eradication of invasive species which are dominating most of the lands in Mulifanua.” said Moafanua.

Only four (4) native species were selected by the Forestry division to be used for the event. These included; Tava, Leva, Fao and Malili. Moafanua had stated ‘these native plants are very suitable for coastal areas given its elevation and its distance relative to the ocean.’

Mrs Vanda Faasoa Chan Ting – ACEO Renewable Energy Division, had mentioned, “Our partnership with Forestry Division is to promote the next step for Renewable Energy in Samoa. At the moment we are now constructing the 750kW Biomass Gasification Plant at Afolau and we will be harvesting only invasive species found at certain and allocated plots of Afolau. The new technology will assist Samoa in meeting its target goal of 100% Renewable Energy target for Electricity generation by the year 2025. Today’s event is to ensure that our students are well aware of sustainable developments that will benefit all of Samoa in years to come. The event also promotes the ongoing replantation of Native species to offset the harvest operations which will take place at allocated plots of Afolau lands for the Biomass Gasification Plant.”

We acknowledge the continuous support of our Donor – GEF in financially assisting our Government in the implementation of this initiative to further improve the development of the energy sector in Samoa.

For more information about ‘IMPRESS Project’ and ‘Two million tree planting campaign’ please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, phone (+685) 67200.

Kindly refer to the attached photographs for your perusal.

Moafanua ACEO Forestry Division MNRE
Vailega Timoteo Moresi – Senior Forestry Management officer showed the students an unpleasant scene of which rubbish littering in Reserve
Lesa Peseta Ilalio – Forestry Officer demonstrates how to correctly plant a tree
Leiataua Joe Teo – Senior Policy Planning Officer took the students for a tour at Faleolo Reserve
Vainalepa Toiata Uili – IMPRESS Project Coordinator Group
Leulumoega College