Tuesday 22nd May 2018

The Land Management Division and Technical Division promoted its services to the general public. ACEO – Felisita Heather introduced each services of Land Registration, Customary Land and Customary Land Advisory Committee. The services were promoted to increase awareness of communities on the processes each section provides. To raise awareness on issues faced by the Ministry when managing lands of Samoa; especially when dealing with Land issues. It’s a very sensitive issue especially when 80% of Samoas lands are customary lands. The Ministry also clarified policies and legislations that has been misinterpreted by the public especially the Lands & Titles Registration Act (LTRA 2008). To accurately correct the distorted & polluted public mindset especially of customary landowners about the government’s good intention for promoting the economic use of customary lands for the benefits of landowners and their families while ownership of land remains with the customary landowners and families.