Training on Leadership and Motivation
The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector Coordination Division in collaboration with Oloamanu Center of Professional Development, conducted a 5 day training on Leadership and Motivation from the 19th – 23rd April, 2021 as part of the Sector’s Capacity Building Strategy 2018-2021.
The 5 learning outcome for the training were;
– define the attributes of leadership and build leadership capacity and capability in the workplace.
– study the various leadership theories and styles, their similarities and differences as well as their applications in the workplace.
– demonstrate and practice skills of being and effective leader including building and sustaining professional and productive working relationships, motivating and influencing teams, training and coaching and mentoring.
– identify leader’s roles in managing conflicts, the different levels of leadership and strategies emerging leaders can use to understand themselves & be able to attune their behavior and make the most impact on others.
– demonstrate & practice styles and skills of leadership learned for effective application in the workplace.
Trainers was Sooalo Sydney Faasau from the OLOAMANU Center for Continuous Learning. Participants included the Sector’s IAs such as SWA, MOH, WRD, STA, LTA, IWSA, MWTI, Red Cross and Stakeholders such as MPE, CSSP, PSC, EPC and SUNGO. This training was held at the Samoa Shipping Services Conference Room Savalalo.
Sa faaiuina lenei vaiaso ile tauaaoina o tusipasi tauoloa o le aoaoga toe faaauau sa faatinoina e le Vaega Ma’oti o Suavai ma Vai Lafoa’i pei ona galuluega faapaaga ai ma le Oloamanu. O lenei aoaoga e toe faalautele ai ma toe tapu’e tomai ma agavaa o sui auai ia avea ma taitai lelei, faamanoi ma faatuatuaina ile lumanai.
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