Thursday 24th May 2018

A few colleges around Apia area were given the chance to showcase their understanding of Soil Resource importance to the general public. Twelve (12) colleges had participated in this event. These colleges include: Samoa College, Robert Louis Stevenson School, Church College of Samoa, Vaimauga College, Faleata College, Avele College, Leififi College, Faatuatua Christian College, St Marys College, St Josephs College, Wesley College and Chanel College.
The Colleges showcased their understanding of the theme through a Science Fair Program. All participating schools had shown great understanding through efforts put forward in preparations made for their Projects.
A few colleges were selected to debate on land issues to showcase their general understanding of current situation faced by Samoa in regards to lands. Samoa College, Church College, St Marys College and Robert Louis School had the opportunity to join this platform.
The overall winner of the event was awarded to Samoa College. They had achieved 1st place in Science Fair Project and also shown great understanding during debating process.
Science Fair Program
1st Place: Samoa College
2nd Place: St Marys College
3rd Place: Church College of Samoa
4th Place: Robert Louis Stevenson School
Consolation Prizes: Remaining participating Colleges
Debate Platform
1st Place: Samoa College
2nd Place: Robert Louis Stevenson School
Consolation Prizes: Church College of Samoa & St Marys College