The Pacific Regional Deep Sea Mining Workshop

Tanoa Dateline International Hotel, Nukualofa Tonga.
Dates: 12th – 14th February 2019
(attended by Lameko Talia, Meteorology Division.)

Brief Overview

This Interregional Training Workshop is being held pursuant to the Voluntary Commitment entitled “The Abyssal Initiative” jointly announced by the Seabed Authority (the Authority) during the 2017 United Nations Oceans Conference.

Deep Seabed exploration and exploitation have the potential to greatly contribute to the economies of SIDS including those in the Pacific. It is in such a context that several Pacific countries have developed progressively the necessary legal and institutional framework that will enable them to take advantage of the promise offered by the emerging industry. Notwithstanding the sizeable efforts engaged to understand better the deep-sea environment, more research is needed to ensure environmentally sound mineral recovery, so that this emerging industry may truly benefit vulnerable economies and support the well-being and social aspirations of PSIDS.

Workshop Focus and Purpose

The 3 – day workshop focuses on bringing together Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) to discuss and review current Regional Agreement on Deep Sea Minerals and make recommendations of way forward in regards to sustainable development and responsible management of Deep Sea Minerals in the Pacific Region.


The main aim of this workshop is to promote the Blue Economy concept as a means to enable Small Islands Developing States (SIDs) to benefit fully from the sustainable development of their deep sea minerals resources.

Expected Outcomes

It is expected that after this workshop the Regional Agreement on DSM is reviewed and prepared for submission to the next PIFs meeting, participants are familiar with ISA rules and regulations and countries that have their legislations in place are in a position to comply with their national and international obligations as seabed activities progress.

Way Forward

A letter of request for possible project/collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat to kick start DSM activities where we left off from SPC so that Samoa National Offshore Minerals Steering Committee (SNOMSC) should meet in the near future to discuss DSM mining regulations in our EEZ as well as in the high seas (known as the AREA).

Compiled by:

Fuimaono Lameko Talia
P.S.O – Geoscience
Meteorology Division

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