The Official Launching of Samoa’s NAMA PLAN.

 “Battling Climate Change”

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment invites you to witness the Launching of Samoa’s NAMA Plan on the 9th March at Millenia, Sogi (3pm).

Samoa has witnessed the catastrophic impacts of Cyclone Evan and Gita. According to scientific research, these Catastrophes have occurred frequently due to the changing of global climate. A major contributing factor to this phenomena is the increase in human activities. Our human activities had resulted in the increase of Green House Gas emissions; it had also resulted in global warming, as experienced by our neighbouring countries who are battling coastal erosion from sea level rise. In order to slow down the effects of Climate Change; countries converge to the Paris agreement which includes the counteractions against Climate Change. Samoa has participated in this agreement and had developed an INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector. This newly established NAMA Plan called, “Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions Plan” (NAMA) focuses mainly on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the Road Transport Sector.

The NAMA document contains Samoa’s strategic commitment through our contribution in reducing GHG emissions via the Transport Sector; by showcasing full support on the introduction of new technology that will sustainably develop our transport sector. Our Government has taken initiative by bringing in electric scooters which are currently in use by Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) Patrol Officers; with the purpose of urging all business partners, stakeholders and the public to consider the use of electric modes of transportation, as they are environmentally friendly through its reliance on renewable energy sources and do not emit any greenhouse gas emissions.

The Governments motive is to initiate and provide support in sustainably developing Samoa’s road transport system through the use of electrical and environmentally-friendly modes of transport which rely on clean energy sources; to improve a healthy and safe environment for all of Samoa.