The 10th Asia-Oceania Meteorological Satellite Users’ Conference

1) Overview

The conference was intended to further improve the information exchange on various application techniques among satellite data users, to advance satellite observation technologies and to further prepare the Asia-Oceania region for taking full advantage of the new generation satellites.

  • Conduct the Coordination Meeting of the RA V Task Team on Satellite Utilization, and the RA II WIGOS Project to develop support for NMHSs in satellite data and products, and determine satellite data user requirements and related training needs of each Member and to provide guidance to satellite operators in their data provision plans.
  • Enhance understanding of meteorological satellites derived products to aid in NMHS forecasting processes.
  • Introduction to new generation meteorological satellites developed by satellite providers for our operational use.
  • Discuss accomplishments and work plans for Regional Association 5 regarding current and new satellite technology.

2) Objective/Focus

  • To further develop RGB techniques to various meteorological applications particularly to trainers and meteorologists from NMHSs and related agencies of RA II and RA V member countries.
  • Promoting satellite observations and highlighting their utility, with a focus on regional issues
  • Advancing satellite remote sensing science
  • Fostering the dialogue between satellite operators and the user community on current and future satellites
  • Engaging young scientists.

3) Expected Outcome 

The training on RGB products showcased the usefulness and application of this tool in operation with regards to monitoring and forecasting the weather situation.

The conference uncovered new meteorological satellite technology that could potentially be utilized by Samoa in real time.

Case studies and result from recent research presented offers a new dimension in meso-scale to synoptic forecasting for Samoa

4) Way forward for MNRE/Samoa

Utilize new RGB technique for now-casting and monitoring purposes by acquiring the latest SATAID from satellite developers.

Provide capability for rainfall estimates derived from satellite images around the South Pacific region Rapid scan request (5min or 2.5min imagery) during wet season/tropical cyclone season

Request high spatial resolution images for Samoa islands for post-disaster analysis

Obtain access to more polar orbiting satellites for daily operations

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