Small Grants Program

The government of Samoa attaches great importance to durable, genuine partnerships and therefore has invested heavily to work with the UN agencies including the UNDP Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) to support national capacities and efforts to address climate change and other environmental areas.

The UNDP GEF-Small Grants Programme scheme, financial and technical support are provided to accompany the efforts of those individuals contributing to fostering an environment that stimulates growth and conserves environmental factors.

The outreach workshop held on 10th March 20118, was an important part of the call for proposal process to discuss and inform community groups, civil societies, and NGOs to be able to apply for a full grant of up to US$50,000 or a planning grant of up to US$5,000.

As the Operational Focal Point for GEF. The process is consistent with the national priorities and government policies, where the SGP Country Programme Strategy is supportive of the SDS (Samoa Development Strategy) the NESP (National Environment Sector Plan).

Based on the strong partnership between the Government of Samoa and the UNDP Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme, Samoa can do so much better in terms of sharing best practices, ideas, and knowledge on how to achieve the very essence of sustainable development by “thinking globally” and “acting locally. The Government will continue to give our support and involvement in the work of the Small Grants Programme – National Steering Committee and its Technical advisory Group. These bodies include members from the Civil Society, Private Sector and government agencies who work tirelessly to deliver the work program of UNDP GEF SGP for communities.

This capacity building workshop will help the participants gain a better understanding of the environmental concerns and challenges facing our country. More importantly, to keep you informed of the GEF-SGP focal areas of funding support.