Project Summary:

The predicted effects of climate change on Samoa include: i) increased frequency and severity of extreme rainfall events; ii) increased frequency and duration of droughts; iii) rising sea levels; and iv) increased frequency of extreme wind events such as gusts and cyclones. The problem that the proposed LDCF project seeks to address is that Climate change is expected to result in losses to lives, livelihoods and assets for local communities in Samoa. The solutions is to adopt an economy-wide approach to climate change adaptation in Samoa, allowing for increased integration of climate change adaptation and disaster risk management into national development planning and programming across all sectors. Additionally, the climate resilience of local communities – including their physical assets and livelihoods – must be strengthened.


To maintain and enhance Pacific Island countries’ ecosystem goods and services (provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural) through integrated approaches to land, water, forest, biodiversity and coastal resource management that contribute to poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience.”


3 years

Donors & Funds:



Government of Samoa

EU Budget Support

Implementing Partners:

MNRE, MAF, Fagalii Community

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