Ridge to Reef Inception Workshop

This new project will progress for 4 years from 2017 – 2020 with the budget of USD 200,000 funded by GEF. It is to be implemented by the Ministry with the support of its relevant stakeholders, partners and programs/projects. The focus of this project will be with Fagalii River as this is one of the main watershed catchments for water resources in Samoa; with the aim to protect the watersheds of Fagalii and assist the communities with sustainable developments for healthy livelihoods. This is done according to 3 components laid out for the project.

  • Component 1: Increase knowledge-base and national replications of catchments management planning, to strengthen management links between catchments and coastal areas.
  • Component 2: Increasing capacity for effective environmental stress reduction practices and sustainable watershed management in Apia.
  • Component 3: Strengthen support of the National Environment Sector Plan to enhance the mainstreaming of watershed conservation policies in national reporting.

Mr Fata, Project Manager (R2R), had briefed the participants with the project work and had shared with the public what has been done already to assist the community for at the time.

The Water Resources Division had officially showcased the new logo for R2R Project; and had officially launched materials for Project such as:

  • Fagalii Watershed Management Plan
  • Launching of the R2R Project Booklet and Logo
  • Launching of the Fagalii Billboards
  • Handover of Tools
  • Prizegiving for Art competition (School Competition)