Regional Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Preparedness and Disaster Displacement  19th-22nd June Phillipines

Ms Ferila Brown (Principal Sustainable Developments), Ms Josie Chan Ting (Senior DRR) and Mr Silipa Mulitalo (Scientific Officer) had represented the Ministry to the Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop held in Bohol, Philippines.

The purpose of the workshop is to enhance and improve community resilience; to promote the uses of science and technology in addressing climate change and DRR issues; enhance and improve disaster displacement; strengthen Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in the Pacific Region.

The focus of the Workshop is to provide a platform for experience and idea sharing between participating countries to assist in identifying gaps in DRR strategies implemented by each country. It also allowed participants to share innovative ideas and effective approaches that will assist communities in reducing and managing disaster risk and displacement risk. Participants were also provided the opportunity to identify elements for potential inclusions in the development and revision of the DRR strategies and plans.

During their stay in Bohol, the team had the opportunity to observe the Technology used by Philippines in detecting Climate Change issues as well as technology and innovation that informs public against danger. Varying from Hydro & Agro Met Stations. Tsunami EWS, Lidar Mapping, landslide Hazard & Instrumentations, Rapid Deployment Emergency and so forth.

From the workshop, the Ministry representatives were able to engage into discussions that enabled them to have a DRR Mindset for proactive responses. These discussions have also provided the representatives with abilities to take ownership of the DMPs. They were also introduced with innovative ideas shared upon by Philippines that will benefit Samoa in the future. By using the resources that we have to its full potential using creativity and mixing of technology and traditional knowledge.

They have recommended that there is a need to finalize the review of existing relevant DRR document to ensure it is in line with the newly established framework for development resilient. They have also recommended to review DRR strategies, finalize National Building Codes, Draft an Integrated Document for CCA and DRR that should be in line with the framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP 2017) and also to establish scientific baseline information to formulate policies and guidelines for DRR and CCA.