Rapid Response Repair and Manufacturing for Disasters Training
The Rapid Response Repair and Manufacturing for Disasters Training is part of a project implemented by Field Ready called Rapid Response Manufacturing in the Pacific which is supported by USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance. The project is a disaster risk reduction activity which started in 2019 and now in its second phase with its ultimate goal to save lives, increase resilience and to mitigate the impacts of natural hazards on vulnerable populations in our Pacific region. This is through increased access to more locally made aid supplies and repairs, to help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of disaster risk reduction, response and recovery in Samoa and the Pacific.
Worldwide, Field Ready brings local manufacturing to development and humanitarian contexts. Currently active in 10 countries, Field Ready is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping others. Its mission is to transform global aid by localizing manufacturing, using technology and innovation and engaging people in new ways, to make critical items where and when they are needed.
The training was made possible through the partnership between Field Ready and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment through its Disaster Management Office (DMO) and Water and Sanitation Sector Coordination Division (WSSCU). The intention of this collaboration is to support the systems that exist here in Samoa in ensuring adequate water and sanitation and hygiene for all people, especially in times of disasters, through introducing new capabilities and knowledge to enable more local rapid response repairing and manufacturing, and to increase collaboration and promote the adoption of local manufacturing for disaster response in Samoa and the region.
With the vital support of the US government and the Samoan Government through this partnership with Ministry, Field Ready aims to expand the number of products and local manufacturers making them, as well as the number of humanitarian agencies purchasing locally made items; continuing to build evidence of the benefits of local manufacturing and procurement as a cheaper, better and faster disaster preparedness strategy in Samoa and the Pacific Region as well as expanding the capabilities for its wider adoption; with the vision of contributing to a long-term shift in how aid is delivered in the Pacific Region to be more locally empowered, nationally economically beneficial and sustainable.
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