Papauta joins the Biogas alliance

The MNRE is appreciative of the exsisting and continuous partnership with our communities. Jointly, we have pioneered many renewable energy and energy efficiency programs and today marks another great milestone for us  as we  official launch this community based biogas system.

This biogas system will use waste from the washroom facilities and latrines, piggery, cattle and food scraps to generate biogas for cooking and lighting purposes. It is anticipated that this project will have multiple benefits for our community in terms of;

  • Utilizing wastes to generate biogas.
  • Improved on-site waste management technology.
  • Cost efficient i.e. reducing expenses on LPG gas bottles;
  • Create employment opportunities for locals to collect waste to feed the digester
  • Educational and awareness of younger and future generations.

And more importantly, this renewable energy technology will assist in reducing greenhouse gas emmissions.

This project was built and constructed  by Bio- Energy Solution  Technology Limited (BEST),with an estimated total cost of $100,000Talā. This development was funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP); and co-finance by the  Government of Samoa (GoS), as well as the assistance from the other government minsitries within the Environment and Energy Sector.

The MNRE and its supporting partners will take this opportunity to express word of thanks to our stakeholders for always being very supportive of our government’s initiatives in the search for avenues to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide clean energy and yield a healthier environment

Last but not the least, special thank you with sincere appreciation to our  Papauta Girls College, for your support and contribution in this project. This is a huge milestone for the College and  may we continue to strive and work together to ensure the sustainability of this project for our future generations.

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