Pacific Regional Deep Sea Mining Workshop.

2nd – 4th July 2018, Mr Lameko Talia (Principal Geophysics Officer) had attended a workshop for Deep Sea Mining in Fiji. The purpose of the workshop is to deliberate and provide feedback on the International Sea Bed Authority (ISA) Mining Regulations, and refine the Draft Regional Deep Sea Minerals (DSM) Agreement.

The main objectives of the workshop is to (1) obtain member country’s updates on current status of DSM in their own country, (2) understand on lessons learnt from SPC-EU DSM Project (3) obtain collective inputs from PICs on ways to improve current DSM regulations that suits PICTs.

The Workshop provides activities which links to MNRE Management Plan 2015-16; Objective/Outcome 7.4 Effectiveness of systems for geological data management, and drilling operations; Output 7.4.8 Establish International Partnership and Collaborations.

From the workshop, Mr Talia had learnt that Samoa should seek to engage in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone (CCFZ) mining which is an Area for all Mankind.

He also realized the need of liasing with MFAT and AGO in regards to calling a SNOMSC Meeting in the near future to discuss way forward as far as regulation and mining in our EEZ as well as in the area.

It is recommended that the government of Samoa through MNRE continues to support capacity building opportunities in DSM, and participation of MNRE and relevant others in such meetings or workshops in the future.