National Renewable Energy Day 2018

Theme: “Powering Cities, Towns and Communities with 100% Renewable Energy”

Samoa is at the forefront of climate change and sea level rise. Our Islands and communities are susceptible to extreme weather events and coastal erosion. The frequency of tropical cyclones and temperature increase has affected Samoa economically, socially and environmentally. Fortunately, Samoa is able to counteract and combat against these drastic changes through Adaptation and Mitigation measures. The Government and international organizations continues to invest in adaptation programs and projects for communities and vulnerable groups to strengthen their resilience to reduce risk from these natural processes.

Thus, adaptation measures have been implemented with the integration of on-going efforts from global organizations, local government and vulnerable communities/groups through re-forestation, seawalls, relocation, strengthened awareness etc. These approaches and measure are now coupled with Samoa taking into account the global efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions mostly from its transport and electricity sector. This focus on mitigation initiatives derives the significance of carbon sequestration and transitioning of energy generation from Renewable Energy

This year’s Renewable Energy Day was held in the Island of Savaii on the 29th November 2018. It has celebrated the importance of sourcing clean and sustainable energy to generate electricity, gas for cooking and clean fuels for transportation. This year’s national theme is: “Powering Cities, Towns and Communities with 100% Renewable Energy”, reflects and emphasizes the importance integration of renewable energy projects and communities’ commitment to Samoa’s energy transition from a fossil fueled economy into a green economy.

Honorable Deputy Prime Minister and Minister – Afioga Fiame Naomi Mataafa, delivered her keynote address to the public who had gathered in Savaii. “Samoa is rich with its natural resources which can be harnessed to generate 100% electricity. Hydropower can be produced from water, solar power from the sun, wind power from the wind as well as various other ways of converting organic wastes into energy for electricity production” she said.

During the Opening Ceremony, The Energy Sector had the opportunity to officially launch the refurbishment of all LED Lights gifted from China and installed by the IMPRESS Project; and also the official hand over of Emission Testers to LTA for regulating pollution and emissions by motorists. This represents the commitment of Samoa to achieving the reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) that is contributing to the causes of Climate Change.

Hon Fiame Naomi Mataafa happily announced that these aren’t the only achievements for the Energy Sector. The Ministry is has also pipelined the construction of Biomass Gasification Plant at Afolau STEC Lands, installation of Energy Projects in communities such as Biogas systems, and Promoting Solar Street lights for vulnerable communities of Samoa.

The Ministry and its partners have cooperated in joining two major activities targeting the participation of Colleges through Science Fair; and Youth groups through Triathlon Race.

“The ambition of our Government for Science Fair program is to encourage students to carry out thorough research and clear understanding of renewable energy technologies and its role and how it benefits a country’s or a community’s economy, social and environmental aspects. Similarly, the Youth Groups through Triathlon race was to demonstrate environmental friendly means of transportation such as walking, jogging, cycling and wheelbarrowing” added Hon Fiame Naomi Mataafa.

Only (4) colleges had participated for the Science Fair competition. These colleges include: Uesiliana College, Mataevave College, Palauli College and Don Bosco College. This Science fair competition had showcased understanding of students of Savaii; however, Mataevave College from Iva had won 1st place for best overall!

Nine (9) Youth groups were able to take part in the Triathlon Race 2018. These include;

  • EFKS Faala
  • AOG Malaeifaga
  • Metotisi Samata
  • AOG Fagasa
  • SDA Lano
  • EKFS Auala
  • SDA Siufaga
  • Metotisi Sagone
  • EFKS Gautaivai

This year’s race, AOG Fagasa has been named Triathlon Champions 2018! This was a successful event for the Ministry whereas students and youth of Savaii had proactively engaged in all the activities organized for this event. We acknowledge the support of our International Partners and Donors – Global Environment Facility (GEF), Asian Development Bank (ADB), and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for supporting this event for Samoa; and also our partners for assisting the activities staged for this annual event.