National Logistic Unit Workshop

The Disaster Management Office (DMO) and World Foods Program (WFP) officially started with its National Logistic Unit Workshop on 9th to 10th May 2018. The workshop aimed to: 1) Develop capacity of each agencies in regards to National Logistic Unit in order to increase preparedness during an emergency. 2) Effectively support the localisation agenda by strengthening national logistics data ownership and control of the response supply chain by supporting a sub-regional approach recognizing specific logistics challenges while fostering a coordinated support among partners involved. 3) To review the Standard of Operations Procedure (SOPs) developed to implement these actions during response.
The preparedness activities presented during the workshop introduced tools and methods that would assist the agencies in executing their roles and responsibilities during its emergency operations response. It includes the:
 Elaboration of ToR of the national Log Cluster mechanism
 Concept of Operations
 Standard Operations Procedure (SOP)
 Minimum Preparedness Activities (MPA) to support the development of a coherent and coordinated work plan.
 Support coordination authorities and logistic cluster members developing and agreeing UBD messaging.
 Expanding the implementation of the 2017 piloted provincial LCA (P-LCA) project.
With the outline activities, the participants are expected to learn how a Logistic Unit operates. By identifying roles and responsibilities of each agency on the Logistic Unit Structure and to respond accordingly in a coordinated manner to avoid duplicated roles that will delay any responsive processes.

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