National Environment Week Day 3
On the third day of commemorating the National Environment Week, the Ministry conducted a National Tree Planting as part of the Three Million Tree Planting Campaign for both Upolu and Savaii.
There were three planting hubs that were set up in Upolu; Malololelei BioPark which was led by the Division of Environment and Conservation team, the Water Resources Division team led the tree planting for the Methodist Reserve at Afiamalu and O le Pupu Pu’e National Park at Togitogiga which was led by the Forestry Division team. There were 1500 seedlings that were distributed to the teams from the three different hubs.
Members from the public joined the tree planting program for Savaii which was held at Vaipouli Savaii. Following the tree planting was a special recognition program to recognize the contribution of districts and communities towards the three million tree planting campaign.
The Ministry wishes to thank all of the development partners, regional organizations, Ministries and agencies, the private sector, NGOs and Civil Societies, and most importantly the community.
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