Manumea Protection Campaign Workshop

The Manumea or tooth billed pigeon is a large endangered species that is categorized in IUCN Red List of Endangered species to be ‘critically endangered.’ This means that its total population is less than 200 counted species including less than 50 breeding species. This pigeon species (Didunculus strigirostris) is significant to Samoan culture as it is endemic (found only) to Samoa. It is currently considered to be Samoans national bird representing Samoa at International and regional events.

This workshop was funded by Auckland Zoon and coordinated by the MNRE division-Environment and Conservation, to develop a campaign strategy for effective wildlife conservation especially Manumea. It brought together stakeholders to share experiences and knowledge towards developing a campaign plan and a strategic approach to reducing the impacts bird hunting particularly Samoa’s national bird species, ‘the Manumea.’ objectives leads towards the development of a strategy to reduce the impact of hunting native birds in the wild in particular pigeon and flying foxes. This workshop targets to develop a draft strategy for a campaign to reduce the impact of hunting on Samoa’s wildlife birds, including the Manumea; to discuss on human behaviours impacting the Manumea by identifying previous and ongoing efforts to protecting the Manumea; to understand the core principles of effective behaviour change campaign; and to understand the process for developing, implementing and evaluating an effective behaviour change in campaign.
The representatives of MNRE, Czarina Stowers and Moeumu Uili assisted the conservation consultants with presentations that highlights on previous efforts made with recommendations being put foward; as well as identifying causes root causes of wildlife population decline and strategy design for the newly proposed campaign.
From the activities and knowledge discussions, all agreed that decision makers (e.g: village council) should be at the forefront of this campaign once it is finalised and ready to be executed according to level of authority and impact in the community. The Uafato-Fagaloa representatives present at the workshop revealed that Uafato village council currently enforces a moratorium for hunting on any flying species with a fine of $1000 on any illegal hunting. Having village leaders/decision makers ban activities which adds to the drop in Manumea population is highly considered for this campaign. Read more, click the following link: