Legislation English Samoan

Constitution of the Independent State of Samoa 1960


Alienation of Customary Land Act 1965 pdf pdf
Alienation of Freehold Land Act 1972 pdf pdf
Forestry Management Act 2011 pdf pdf
Spatial Information Agency Act 2010 pdf pdf
Waste Management Act 2010 pdf pdf
Water Resources Management Act  2008 pdf pdf
Planning and Urban Management Act 204 pdf pdf
Marine Pollution Prevention Act 2008 pdf pdf
National Parks and Reserves Act 1974 pdf pdf
Property and Law Act 1952 pdf pdf
Quarantine and Biosafety Act 2005 pdf pdf
Disaster Management Act 2007 pdf pdf
Land Valuation Act 2010 pdf pdf
Land Titles Investigation Act 1966 pdf pdf
Land Registration Act 2008 pdf pdf
Land For Foreign Purposes Act 1992 and 1993 pdf pdf
Lands Surveys and Environment Act 1989 pdf pdf

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