‘Ensuring a clean and safe environment for future generations’

In celebrating 55 years of Independence together with the public, the Ministry took part by engaging in a rubbish pick up activity around the Government Building vicinity. Each divisions were assigned with a responsibility of cleaning up particular areas within and around the vicinity throughout the entire day. This was a busy day for the Ministry collecting rubbish after rubbish; either floating along the road side or stacked up in piles wherever the public have had their picnics. As seen every year after any public celebrations, there would be a jumbled scene around the event areas. This was a great opportunity for the Ministry to promote public awareness on the importance of proper Waste management not only during national occasions in public places and also for a healthier lifestyle. Although it saddens to see people disposing rubbish regardless of where, it provided great feedback for the Ministry; not all are aware of proper waste disposal.
The Ministry continues to remind the public on proper sustainable waste management by putting into action the popular 4R’s of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Recover.
 Reduce pollution by limiting the wastes produced when consuming products. Eg. Refusing of plastic bags at grocery stores
 Reuse of waste products. E.g Using a juice bottle as a refill water bottle
 Recycle wastes by using the product to recreate a new product. E.g Recycling of scrap metals to produce new metallic products.
 Recover of waste products by converting it into resource use. E.g Composting and Energy source.
The Ministry also reminds the public to make use of proper disposal bins provided by its Waste Management Contractors and to safeguard the quality of these assets as these are installed to help the public minimize pollution in public areas.
Staff member assisted by public during Clean Up activity
Staff members struggles to collect from an overloaded rubbish bin