The Ministry has partnered with Samoa Stationary and Books (SSAB) and HP New Zealand Company
to collect E-waste, starting with HP toners and ink cartridges, and shipping them overseas for proper
disposal and recycling.
The launch of this new partnership and service commenced 28 February 2019 at the SSAB
Conference Room. MNRE-CEO Ulu Bismarck Crawley gave an informative keynote address, giving
background information on E-waste.
“E-wastes contain hazardous constituents that may negatively impact the environment and affect
human health if not properly managed as is the case in our small island country which lack adequate
infrastructure to manage hazardous wastes safely”, he said.
“I am quite impressed with the effort SSAB and HP Company has taken to respond to this problem
where the world is grabbing for a solution to overcome. The partnership we share is a clear
indication for a good collaboration between our government, private sectors and overseas supplies,
to strengthen the Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR) initiatives. We greatly encourage and
support this partnership that paves the future engagement for other private sectors and overseas
suppliers”, he added.
A study that was conducted in 2013 under the regional Pacwaste Project determined that the most
significant generators of E-waste in the country are largely institutional; being both commercial and
government, however, domestic generation is rapidly increasing.
MNRE-CEO concluded that we need to take advantage of the business opportunities being
presented with E-waste recycling since we are continually importing functional electrical and
electronic products. The Waste Management Act 2010 has been implemented as a guide in the
sustainable management of E-waste at the national level.