IUCN partners with Renewable Energy Samoa

The Ministry of Natural Resources through the Renewable Energy Division had collaborated with the International Union for Conservation Of Nature (IUCN) in conducting a National Workshop for Energy Sector. The Objective of the Workshop is to bring together Energy Sector Partners to share information in regards to the development of Energy in Samoa.
This is also to strengthen the relationship of Energy Partners to ensure that Renewable Energy development information is shared amongst the sector for better capacity building and reassuring a mutual partnership between various stakeholders within the Energy Sector.
The IMPRESS Project took part in the workshop and had also presented its work and progress to national stakeholders and regional partners attending from IUCN Fiji Office.
In assistance to facilitating the workshop, the IUCN Office Representatives – Mr Ifereimi Dau, Ms Varea Romanu Fesaitu and Marco Falcetta (Consultant) had also shared ideas, provided feedback and insight on each Renewable Energy Technology Developments in Samoa as presented during the workshop activities.
The Workshop, held from 6th-9th November consist of information sharing via Presentations between all stakeholders partners, as well as site visits to Renewable Energy Technology Systems around Upolu and Savaii.
These Systems include (already installed systems and potential sites): Solar Power Systems, Wind Energy Systems, Hydro Energy Systems, Biogas Systems and potential Ocean Energy Systems in Samoa.
Attached are some photos taken during the 3 day workshop.
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