Samoa’s Biodiversity richness ranges, from oceans to the highest peak of mountains, Forest and ocean play an important role in the livelihood of the Samoan people both socially and economically. Maintaining and Sustaining Samoa’s Biodiversity is the collaborative function of the natives and aiding partners to ensure that these valuable assets are safeguarded and sustained for the future.

The International treaty for the Conservation of Biodiversity: Convention on Biological Diversity was opened in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and entered into force in December 1993. The CBD serves for sustainable use of the components of biodiversity and the equitable sharing of the benefits derived from the use of genetic resources.  Through Samoa’s obligations to the Convention of Biological Diversity which was ratified in April 1993 ensures that all core objectives and key functions are well attained. This has served Samoa the right to commemorate International Biodiversity Day 2018 on the Theme “Biodiversity: Actions for Sustainable Development”.

The theme was chosen to mark the 25th Anniversary since the Convention on Biological Diversity was entered into force and to highlight Samoa’s KEY achievements and actions in Conserving Biodiversity for Sustainable Development to promote quality life for all.


The official opening ceremony will be held on Wednesday 27th June in front of the TATTE Building at 9.00am.

List of activities include

  • Photo Exhibition

Photos of endemic species will be displayed during the exhibition.

  • Showcase of Samoa Biodiversity Costumes

Targeted species include manumea, flying fox, coral reefs, mangroves and whale. These species are of great significant to Samoa. Each participated youth will prepare a costume and a corresponding skit to elaborate on the nature of the species. Showcasing these costumes will reflect the diversity of species that Samoa possessed.

  • Launching of various Biodiversity Materials
  1. Access and Benefit Sharing Project Products
  2. Minamata Initial Assessment National Report on Mercury
  3. SMSMCL Project Products
  4. Shark Documentary
  5. O le Malie o Situ ma Ana Uo
  6. Manumea Children’s Book

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment together with collaborative partners invites everyone to join us in celebrating 25 Years of Samoa’s Action for Biodiversity.