Induction Training for MNRE New Recruits 11th February 2021

An Induction Training for our employees who are newly recruited, also a refresher training for promoted   employees was held at the TATTE Conference Room last week Thursday 16th February 2021. The training was specifically focused on the new employees not only to welcome them on board but also to have a fair knowledge and understanding on the Policies and Regulations for all public servants once recruited under the Government system.

As of September 2020 to January 2021 the Ministry recruited 25 new members hired for Principal to Officer Level, also the field assistants for various Project lead by the Ministry. Of the 25 new recruits, 5 were excused and unable to attend due to the technicality of the work they are handling. The training was to expect the new recruits to

  • Understand the overarching goals of the Ministry through each plans such as Management Plan, Corporate Plan and Sector Plan
  • Vision and mission of the Ministry
  • MNRE Organizational Structure
  • PS Act 2004 (Values & Code of Conducts)
  • Human Resource Management Policies
  • Working Conditions and Entitlements

The importance of this training is for the new members to understand comply and maintain the morals and values of being a public servant, the principles of employment and the code of conduct, to act with integrity, to provide transparent information in order to uphold the good reputation of the Public service.


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