INDC & NAMA School Awareness

Renewable Energy Division (RED) took the initiative to carry out an
awareness campaign in around Upolu from to 1st to 3rd of May. The purpose
of this campaign was educate the students of Upolu on the goals set up by
MNRE to achieve Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC)
targets; reducing Green House Gases (GHG); and to inform the students on
Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) that can help Samoa adapt
to the impacts of Climate Change.
Eight (8) schools from the rural areas were selected to be the target group to
this campaign and it had been a great success for Renewable Energy team.
RED team used innovative activities to educate the students and they’ve
commented that this campaign allowed the students enthusiastically engage
in learning about renewable energy as major part of our mitigation movement
to the uses of clean energy, as well as an adaptation approach to combat
Climate Change. Schools selected included:
 Saanapu Primary
 Vaovai Primary
 Sapunaoa Primary
 Tafitoala Primary
 Palalaua College
 Saana Primary
 Safata College
 Falealili College