What We Do

The objective of the project is the improved sustainable and cost-effective utilization of indigenous renewable energy resources for energy production in Samoa. This will be realized through development of RE and DSM/EE policies and regulatory frameworks, adoption of REbased technologies in electricity generation and financing RE, and DSM/EE investments in Samoa.

The project comprises the five (5) components:

  1. Enhancement of Renewable Energy Policy Formulation and Implementation;
  2. RE-based Energy System Improvements;
  3. Financing of Initiatives for Electricity Saving, Productive and Social Uses of RE Electricity, and Electricity System Performance Improvement
  4. Productive & Social Uses of RE; and
  5. Enhancement of Awareness on the Applications and Benefits of RE/EE. This project will be implemented over a 60 months period and is expected to achieve GHG emission reductions through the displacement of diesel electricity generation. Direct GHG emission reduction over the lifetime of the project is estimated to be 25,267 Tco2E. The estimated post emission.
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