GEF-SGP-UNDP funds the Moataa Walkway Bridge

Moataa village is located in near the town of Apia. The village is rich in wetland areas (mangroves) which are affected by many developments along the wetlands. However, over the years the community have experienced the swells of tide moving inland as Climate Change continues to strike the vulnerable communities. The community had seek assistance from UNDP and the Government in the protection and conservation of these wetlands as it is the heritage that belongs to them. Since then the community had worked towards the management of the mangroves through proposed project being led by Moataa Special Development Committee.

The project targeted to sustainably manage balancing ecosystem conservation monitoring with community development that provides convenient and safe access through the mangroves at all times and prevents further damage to the fragile wetland.

By doing so, the Community we able to establish the following components of their project:

  1. Establish baseline data for ecosystem management planning by 100% by January 2018
  2. Prepare and launch the Moataa Mangrove Wetlands Management Plan by January 2018
  3. Conduct awareness and training programmes during the study and for the implementation of the Management Plan by January 2018
  4. Improve pedestrian access through wetland area by 100% by end of 2017
  5. Increased number of pedestrian movement though wetland by 100% by end of 2017
  6. Improved mobility for children, elderly and disable through wetland area by 100% during severe weather conditions
  7. Reduced flood levels at access point by 50% by end of 2017

To celebrate the success of the project, the Ministry was invited to the grand opening of the newly reconstructed 190 meter walkway bridge that stretches from Moataa Tai to Moataa Uta, Faatoia and Vini Fou. Acting Prime Minister-Tialavea Fea Leniu Tionisio Hunt, delivered his keynote address that emphasized on the importance of developing partnerships between Government and Communities. To ensure that the people is well protected from Climatic issues, the government hopes to develop a mutual partnership with communities to ensure a well coordination of integrating management on the development of our resources. The project was funded by the GEF & UNDP through the SGP program; co financed by the CSSP.


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