The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment through the Water and Sanitation Sector Coordination Division in close with the collaboration with the Oloamanu Centre of the National University of Samoa conducted a training/workshop on “Financial Management”, for the Water and Sanitation Sector and its Agencies and Stakeholders, as one of its much need priority training programs identified under the Sector’s Capacity Building Strategy and Action Plan 2018 – 2021.

The Financial Management training for Non-Finance Managers is useful to the Water and Sanitation Sector, its Implementing Agencies, Stakeholders and partners to gain a greater and general understanding and knowledge on the importance of good and effective financial management for managers who do not have an academic background in financial management, for technical managers and project/programme managers and more importantly, how to better manage their financial resources regardless of their area/line of work.

There are five key Desired Outcomes that each participant should be able to learn from this training;

  • Outcome 1Financial Management essentials and the role of financial management in organizational/sector/national/international cooperation
  • Outcome 2Key insights in financial management terminology, technique and tools
  • Outcome 3 – Making adequate analysis of the financial position and performance
  • Outcome 4 – Integration of financial management into the M&E system of projects/programmes or organization
  • Outcome 5 – Developing sound and sustainable financial plans, strategies and policies.
The training concluded with the Awarding of Certificates for each participant.

Five full days were allocated for this training and participants were from the Sector Implementing Agencies and Stakeholders such as, SWA, IWS, MOH, LTA, MAF, MOF, SRCS, MWTI and MNRE. Ms Ruth Ueselani, Sector Coordinator acknowledged Ms Siu Chan, our trainer from the National University of Samoa and all participants hoping they have learnt a lot from this training.




Participants after receiving their Certificates
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