EWACC is a five year project with the objective to mainstream climate change adaptation and disaster risk management into national planning and programming through an economy wide and programmatic approach.

This project aims to enhance a more efficient integration and management of adaptation and DRR/DRM into national development planning and programming and the resilience of communities’ physical assets and livelihoods across Samoa to climate change and natural disasters.


5 years

2015 – 2020


GEF/ Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF)


Cyclone Evan National Recovery Plan, Performance Linked Budget Support from NZ, Australia, EU, MDB and Trade Sector Support Program.

Implementing Agency & Partners:

MNRE (Implementing Agency) –PUMA, WRD, DMO, MET

Supporting Partners – METI, MWTI, EPC, DMO, MWCSD, LTA, WRD, UNDP


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