The purpose of today’s event is to raise awareness and educate the public on the value of different renewable energy options, their impacts, costs and benefits; energy conservation as well as promoting energy efficient products and disseminating available information so people can make smart choices for their future. That is why we have given the title “Sustainable and Affordable Energy for All” as the theme for this years’ energy awareness day.

The government’s drive for sustainable energy development is clearly stated in the 2016-2020 Strategy for the Development of Samoa (SDS) and the Energy Sector Plan 2017 -2022. Samoa needs to reduce reliance on imported fuel so as to reduce the levels of greenhouse gas emissions by focusing on the development of renewable energy alternatives that are locally viable. This will also support social and community development through income generation as well as raising environment sustainability.

In today’s modern world, energy has become one of the most essential requirements for existence better life. We cannot think of life and any kind of development without energy. “Sustainable and affordable energy for All” is a national cause. All of us will have to join hands and work in unison so as to make Samoa an energy efficient economy.

Each one of us has a role to play in promoting energy aspects. Obviously, Government alone cannot do this by itself. All of us need to make a conscious effort to embrace energy efficient practices and products.

Our development partners play a critical role as well. In that context, acknowledging the financial support from the UNDP-GEF (IMPRESS Project), PIGGAREP regional project executed by SPREP and EU-GIZ ACSE programme which has made this event possible. A special thanks to our colleagues from EPC and other Energy Sector stakeholders who are co-hosting this event with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment. The continuous and active support from different government ministries, corporation, NGOs and the private sector as well as the communities, schools and everyone who are here to support this event is very much appreciated.

The governments hope is for you (Samoa) to benefit as much from this event so you can make the right choice for a better and sustainable Samoa energy-wise.





Energy Day Report