Cyclone MANE’ simulation execise, community disaster & climate risk management programme completed for Siuniu, Falealii

The remote community of Siuniu, Falealili has successfully completed the Community Disaster and Climate Risk Management programme from the 31st July to the 3rd August 2018. The CDCRM programme is a comprehensive government initiative that aims to enhance community resilience building in response to climate and disaster risks in which the Disaster Management Office takes the leading role in coordinating and supporting key Implementing Agencies in executing the programme to Samoa communities. Samoa Red Cross who were also the main facilitators of the Siuniu pilot CDCRM successfully executed the programme with financial support from UN Women and technical support from the response agencies to include the Fire and Emergency Services Authority, the Samoa Family Health Association, Nuanua Ole Alofa (NOLA) and the Meteorology Division of MNRE. A ‘Cyclone Mane Simulation Exercise’ was conducted on the 24th August 2018 to conclude the programme and prior to the simulation exercise, the Siuniu community went through a series of village response teams’ trainings such as the First Aid, Shelter Management, Search and Rescue, Project Management, Initial Damage Assessment etc. During such trainings the community was given the opportunity to present natural disasters and hazards that their community had experienced over the past 20 years and voice local concerns and enquiries to the response agencies present. The programme was also an avenue to advocate for protection, Gender based violence in Emergencies and gender in disaster planning that promotes having women directly involved in planning and action in times of disasters or when other humanitarian assistance is required. It is of great importance that the needs of women and girls are recognised and addressed during disasters. The Tropical Cyclone Mane simulation exercise helped the community have a feel of what should be done in the face of a cyclone utilizing the skills and knowledge they had obtained from the response teams trainings. Upon the completion of the CDCRM Programme, the Siuniu Community has now developed and established their Village Disaster and Climate Management Plan that will be instantly activated should a declaration of disaster occurs. Certificates were also awarded for First Aid trainees in the community that certifies and qualifies them to carry out First Aid work whenever and wherever required.


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