COVID19 PACMAS Awareness Workshop
Prepared remarks by Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment who is also the Chairman of the National Emergency Operation Centre, Ulu Bismarck Crawley presented to the COVID19 PACMAS Awareness Workshop for Samoa Media – Tanoa Hotel: (14th August 2020)
Talofa lava,
My apologies as I was unable to present as scheduled yesterday due to illness
That said, I urge the Media to provide clear sound accurately, and timely reporting on government-led and coordinated programs and paramount for the media to invest time to understand government reforms, policies, and strategies.
This shall provide the media with good preparation on who, how, when, what, where, why, and who to obtain the factual and accurate information needed.
Understanding these platforms can also guide the media to provide necessary guidance on possible gaps and opportunities for necessary changes.
It certainly will promote the value of the partnership between the Government and all its Stakeholders.
The sector concept that Government has engaged on a platform that brings together public and private sectors, including Civil Society, Non-Government Organisations, and Communities, etc.
And it ensures that everyone is collectively involved in the development of our country.
The Communication and Information Sector Plan 2018 – 2021 for the information of the media and public promotes that interest for the engagement of media.
With broad sector outcomes, it guides stakeholders in the respective sector not to lose sight of reaching a common and shared destination mainstreamed to other sectors for all Samoans through Samoa’s Development. Strategic plan.
I suggest for the media to consider a strategy to’ accommodate all the 14 Sectors (Environment, infrastructure, health, education etc) and have teams to focus on each sector so there is consistency in understanding and reporting.
It will provide a focus for each reporter to concentrate on a particular sector and all its stakeholders.
For National Emergency Operation Centre and Disaster Management Office, we urge the media and all stakeholders, to view the National Disaster Management Plan which details operational and logistical settings as well as terms and responsibilities of each sector in the event of any disaster.
A good understanding of this plan shall guide and navigate request to ensure the timely accessibility and availability of accurate and cleared information.
The Ministry of Health has also prepared the Covid-19 Preparation Plan which provides good guidance on the management of this pandemic in Samoa.
The role of the media cannot be questioned and we acknowledge it with great appreciation.
Again, in order to get good engagement with clients, you have to understand and research them well. It doesn’t take away your independent position.
Malo le galulue and God Bless.