Climate Data for the Environment (CliDe) Training

2- 13 July 2018 – Ausetalia Titimaea (ACEO & Manager of CliDe) & Tile Tofaeono (Principal Climate Services Officer & System Administrator) had represented the Ministry to the Climate Data for the Environment (CliDe) Trainings in Melbourne Australia. The Training was facilitated by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Samoa has pioneered the CliDe database management system (DBMS), and stress the importance of ‘open source’ (OS) software, both at its initial development and for future operations with funds by AusAID Pacific Climate Change Science (PCCS) and Pacific Climate Change Science Adaptation (PACC) projects in 2010 .

Samoa Meteorology Division (SMD) vision is to minimize re-current costs due to annual licensing and proprietary of commercial software ventures.Currently, CliDe is functional and in OS operational mode, and so are all existing ICT systems in the field of meteorology, geo-science and ozone at SMD.

The main purpose:

  1. Train the System Administrator (SA) in the OS mainly Linux, REL (Red Hat Linux) and SUSE in    the fundamentals and administration of CliDe; and
  2. Management to attain the knowledge and understanding of CliDE to oversee operations.

Benefit to Samoa and SMD:

  1. Building capacity of staff by gaining knowledge in ‘open source’ software mode applied in       the CliDe DBMS;
  2. Sustaining the ICT systems for 24/7 and normal hours operations, and equip with maintenance methods of software and hardware

CliDe is now the core DBMS in 14 member countries of SPREP and will continue so into the future. Samoa is most grateful to the Australia government under the COSPPac project in providing funds to carry out this training.