Biodiversity Day

We celebrate Biodiversity Day to promote the importance of our biological environment to our daily survival.
Every day we threaten our biodiversity with human activities.
With our increasing population, human settlements have extended deep inlands. Any animal species that originally thrived there around the settlement becomes a threat to the settlement.
Threatened of native species like Flying fox, Segavao and especially our Endemic specie – Manumea, which had gone extinct partly because of bird hunting.
Land degradation and habitat disturbance is one of the major issues that is causing the Loss of Biodiversity in Samoa’s environment. With the settlements extending inland, many do not take into account the importance of our surroundings. With limited surroundings, it will not be able to provide that particular communities with Ecological Services we depend on. E.g. Soil Fertility, Water absorption, vegetation cover and functional ecosystems and so much more…
We should really consider holding on to our heritage. Our environment represents us, especially the communities that live around it.
Today’s event was successful – to Promote and appreciate our environment with the theme: “ACTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”. Associate Minister – Lemalu Taefu Lemi, delivered his keynote address where he emphasized on the importance of committing to our obligations of conserving our environment sustainably.

The event also was a platform to launch the Biodiversity Materials:

  1. Access and Benefit Sharing Project Products
  2. Minamata Initial Assessment National Report on Mercury
  3. SMSMCL Project Products
  4. Shark Documentary
  5. O le Malie o Situ ma Ana Uo
  6. Manumea Children’s Book

As we continue to work with organizations, agencies and Ministries to help fulfill our commitment in conserving our biodiversity, to sustainably use the components of biodiversity and to equally share the benefits we get from our resources. This ensures that we keep track and monitor our use of our Biological Environment.
Whatever Biological Diversity we have left in our environment, we should cherish it and help rehabilitate our degraded lands to build our more functional environment that would provide natural services to our daily needs.
Plant a tree, any tree…but make sure it’s a native tree. To prevent the spread of invasive plants into our forests and dominating our vegetation’s and slowly killing off our native environment.
Plant a tree today, and I guarantee you that tree will help you breath tomorrow.
Be an environmentalist today by thinking environment and help protect and conserve our natural surroundings.

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