Project Summary:

The Apia Waterfront Development Project is a joint initiative by MNRE, through the Planning and Urban Management Agency (PUMA) and the Samoa Tourism Authority.  The project was endorsed by Cabinet in 2014 and established with financial and technical support from the Government of New Zealand, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  The primary focus of the Project was to develop a strategic waterfront plan that outlines an agreed vision for development and use of the waterfront in the long term.  Having a plan in place for the waterfront, allow developers and investors to refer to the plan for aspirations and potential development opportunities on the waterfront.  The government agencies will also be able to use the plan to better coordinate capital works projects and provision of services along the waterfront.  In additional to developing the Waterfront Plan, the project also included implementing ‘quick wins’ and setting up of it management unit under PUMA.


To develop a Waterfront Plan for the development of the Apia waterfront as part of infrastructure investment to enhance Samoa as a tourist destination.  A strategic document that will guide government planning and waterfront users on future development and how the waterfront is envisage to be transformed in the next 10 years or so


2015 – 2018

Donors & Funds:

  1. Government of New Zealand through the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (NZMFAT)


Implementing Partners:

Implementing Agency: MNRE-PUMA, STA

Supporting Partners: MWTI, LTA, MWCSD


Updated Progress: To implement each phases of the plan. Funding source not of NZMFAT.

Final Waterfront Plan

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