Alaoa Multipurpose Dam Project Consultation Summary

Non-governmental organisations, villagers and representatives from community-based organisations attended a consultation on the proposed Alaoa Multipurpose Dam Project at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel on Tuesday 02 April, 2019.

The consultation was facilitated by Electric Power Corporation (EPC) Project Manager, Fonoti Perelini Perelini. Representatives from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) and Samoa Water Authority (SWA) also took part in the consultation, as they are also project partners.

Fonoti Perelini and Leaupepe Satui Bentin, Stakeholder and Community Consultations Consultant, gave informative presentations on the Alaoa Multipurpose Dam Project after which questions were asked by those in attendance.

Some of the issues raised by the participants include land boundaries, compensation and most importantly the safety of the proposed project.

The objectives of the project is to protect the public from flooding, ensure that there is clean water during drought/dry season and natural disasters, and generate electricity to minimize the use of diesel.

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