Water Sector

The domain of the sector includes the regulation, development and use of all fresh water resources as well as the receiving coastal waters in Samoa. Over the years, sanitation has been a priority issue in the sector and following endorsement of the National Sanitation Policy by the Cabinet Development Committee in February 2010, a policy framework is now in place to improve wastewater systems and management in Samoa and securing it as a priority issue in the sector. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management are expected to have a growing impact on the sector and this needs to be mainstreamed in the new phase of the sector plan.

With the signing of a financing agreement with European Union under the 10th EDF for sector budget support from 2005-2015, the Samoa Government assumes ownership and leadership of sector development whilst development partners are continually encouraged to contribute to a government driven program. It is anticipated that sector budget support continues to root the water sector in a favourable public finance management and macroeconomic environment.

The transition to sector budget support led to a review of the existing institutional arrangements to ensure effective sector coordination and implementation of the sector wide programme. In doing so, care was taken to align the sector coordination framework with sectoral objectives, ensuring sector priorities are being addressed and measured against the sector performance management framework already in place.