• Provide quality services to support the sustainable development of Natural Resources and Environment.
  • Production/publication, Examining, approving and updating of Survey Plans
  • Index (Recording of) approved survey plans
  • implementation and maintenance of the computerized National Land on Solutions for Open Land Administration (SOLA)
  • Advise on good survey practice for both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Safe keep of microfilm records for old land information
  • Produce scanned print of cadastral.
  • Provide registry plan for registration purposes.


Quality Assurance aims to provide quality services embraced within the key principles of good governance accountability, transparency and the following values in a healthy and secure environment

  • Team Work: Promote collective and coordinated efforts participatory and friendly approches open and frank communication sharing
  • Integrity: Take pride in our work, humility in services and respect in our work place.maintain our proffessional relationship with our clients and private sectors with respect and dignity.
  • Respect: Treating the public and private sectors with courtesy and respect.


  • ¬†Effective implementation at all levels (lelei faafoeina ma le faatinoina o galuega uma)
  • Compliance and enforcement (amanaia ma faamalosia faiga faavae)

Kind of Plans

1. Subdivision Plan: where a plan is subdivided into allotments for any purpose

2. Definition Plan: where details of a land are to be defined or redefined for any purpose

  • Both plans shall be prepared by a Licensed Surveyor and shall be accompanied by an offer by the registered proprietor to transfer to the government all areas designated as ROADS, ROAD RESERVES and PUBLIC RESERVES depicted on the plan in accordance with the offer made under sections 19 (20) and 20(2) of Survey Act 2010.


Solutions For Open Open Land Administration (SOLA)

  • MNRE use Solutions for Open Land Administration (SOLA) software for title registration and cadastral mapping. SOLA is open source software developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with funding from the Government of Finland. It is designed to be customizable to meet local requirements with Samoa being the first country to deploy a customized version of SOLA in 2012. More information about SOLA is available from the SOLA website (www.flossola.org).


SOLA aims to make computerized cadastre registration systems more affordable and more sustainable in developing countries

Achieving the Goal

  • An Open Source Enterprise Application for Land Administration that can be
  1. Integrated into a diverse range of environments
  2. Customized and extended to meet agency needs
  • Also need to provide guidance on how to manage an Enterprise Application


Contact Us

MNRE Office: 67200
Office Hours: 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri
3rd Floor T.A.T.T.E Building Savalalo

Principal: Elisapeta Leato email: elisapeta.leato@mnre.gov.ws

Senior Officer: Tuaoloa Pokati email: tuaoloa.pokati@mnre.gov.ws

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