Mapping Section is within the Spatial Information Agency Division located at TATTE BUILDING LEVEL 3. Our Section consists of 6 staff members.

Mapping Status

  • Mapping’s core function is to update and produce the National Base Map of Samoa.
  • We also can produce various thematic maps depending on its use and how to satisfy them on what they need.
  •  Mapping also produces Land Resource Maps which covers Soil, Land Tenure, Land Capability and
    Land Use.
  • Also Mapping Section deals with producing of maps and also the Minutes for the GNB(Geographic Names Board).
  • We do go for site visit to check if the Roads are still access and make sure it is an active road.
  • The official Base Maps exits is produce at 1:50,000 scale.

Geographic Names Board

  • GNB is established as part of the Agency.
  • The Board consists of ;
    1. Minister who shall be the Chairperson.
    2. C.E.O. who shall be the Deputy Chairperson and 4 other members to be appointed by Cabinet from time to time on the recommendation of the Minister.

Objectives of the Board

• To eliminate ambiguity and uncertainty in Geographic Names in Samoa
• To ensure there is appropriate recognition of Samoan heritage and culture in the selection of Geographic Names.
• To provide the institutional and administrative framework that facilitates the widest practicable community consultation on matters covered by this Act.

Functions of the Board

  • To assess and determine whether to approve the geographic names in Samoa
  • To alter a recorded geographic Name.
  • To define, re-define, alter or amend and approve all administrative boundaries.
  • To adopt standards and apply rules for the approval of Geographic Names.
  • To develop and promote guidelines for the assignment of Geographic Names
  • To compile and maintain a record of all geographic names with record of their form, spelling, meaning, origin and history.
  • To publish a notice of geographic names and to conduct enquiries and make recommendations on a matter referred to the Board by the Minister.


  • Our goal is to satisfy our client needs when we produce or create their maps.
  •  We serve with honest and the best ability we got to help people not only external works but same as within the Ministry as well.
  •  We make sure that we able to complete all work given to us day by day or week by week.

Printing Paper Size

  • We produce and print maps in Small, Medium and Large Size.
  •  For example, A4,A3,A1,A2 and A0.
  •  Be mindful that we do have costing for each Paper Size for printing

Datum Used for Map Production in Samoa

Currently we are using 3 Datum for Mapping and these Datum are as follow;

1. Lemuta Datum:

  • It was establish in the 100 years ago.
  • All cadastral and property surveys are carried out based on this local Datum.
  • Coordinates with negative numbers can be found with this Datum. Why because of its origin in the center of the country.
  • We this Datum to Convert Coordinate Points.

2. Western Samoa Integrated Grid (WSIG 72)

  • Established and officially uses for surveying purposes in 1989.
  • Uses as the Geodetic Control Survey Network of Samoa.
  • Uses for production and publications of any new topographical maps

3. Western Samoa Integrated Grid (WSIG 84) 
Software that Mapping are using;

  • MapInfo Professional – Mostly use for GIS and Map Production
  • Global Mapper
  • QGIS – Quantum Geographic Information System.

Status of Digital Geographical Data

  • Available Dataset includes;
    • Aerial Photography of these years (1954,1970,1990,1999,2006-2012)
    • Orthophoto Datasets – Available for MapInfo only.
    • Topographic Maps and Layers such as, contours, roads, coastline, etc ( Available in MapInfo only)
    • Coastal Hazard Zone Datasets. Available in MapInfo only
    • Digital Elevation Model
    • Satellite Image i.e IKONOS, QUICKBIRD (Lidar Image 2015 – 2016)
    • Political Map
    • Hema Map (Tourist Map)

POLITICAL MAP                                                ROAD MAP                       TOPOGRAPHIC MAP

COASTAL MAP                                                        DIGITAL ELEVATION MODEL OF SAMOA


Contact Us

For more information on Mapping or assistance with producing Maps, please do not hesitate to email us or phone our office during work hours from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Office Contacts
MNRE Office: 67200

Mapping Section (extension 249)
Principal – Telesia Sila (
Senior Officer – Henry Letaulau (


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