Safuta Toelau Iulio

The Technical Services Division as previously known was established after the Institutional Reforms from 1999 – 2003. This aligns with the change of Ministry name from Department of Lands, Surveys & Environment to Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment. This Division comprises of the; Survey Section, Survey Quality Assurance Section and National Mapping Section.

Over the years, the Technical Services provide survey services for the public and stakeholders to until 2005 whereby the Public & Private Sector had to work together in collaboration and strong partnership to support the development of the Nation. In this regard, all survey work and survey services were outsource to the Private Sector while the Technical Division played a Regulatory Role to enforce Laws and Regulations pertaining to Land Survey Services, with exception that Survey Section deals with survey for Land Board requirements and decisions. Likewise, the Survey Section deals with Geodetic Control Network both Horizontally and Vertically. This includes Primary, Secondary and Third order networks to secure Registration of titles to land.

Land Surveying existed over hundred and fifty [150years] during German Administration in the 1800’s when at the time was called the Lands and Survey Department which comprises of Surveying, Survey Drafting and Mapping. This same department was passed on from German Administration to New Zealand administration in the early 1900’s, whereby the department was administered and run by New Zealand until Samoa gained her Independence in 1962.

Safuta Toelau Iulio

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