Land Registry

  • Operate and maintain a central public registry for the registration of government lands; freehold lands in fee simple; customary land leases & licenses and other registratable instruments.
  • Provide the public with information and searches relating to land registers; registered documents;
  • Approved survey maps, old block sheet-maps, cadastral maps, record maps, Flur plans and other Land records kept and held in the Land registry section of the Division of Land Management
  • Provide registered information support services to the Land Board
  • Receive and process applications to the Lands Titles Investigation Commission

 Government Land Administration

  • Receive and process applications for the leasing of government lands
  • Manage leases of government lands
  • Process payments of compensation to land owners for compulsory taking of lands for public
  • Purposes, in accordance with provisions of the Taking of Land Act 1964.
  • Provides secretariat services for the Land Board

Customary Land Administration

  • Receive and process applications from beneficial owners for the leasing of customary lands
  • Administer customary land leases
  • Provide secretariat services to CLAC

Land Development

  • Receive and process applications for temporary display of banners on government land in the Apia areas;
  • Receive and process applications for the use of government lands for stalls and other fund-raising activities
  • Provide policy advice on all land-related issues and matters relating to the administration and development of lands and land-based resources
  • Receive and process applications for sea reclamations and sand mining;
  • Facilitate the monitoring and control of illegal sand mining and sea reclamation operations;
  • Coordinate the implementation of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) in Samoa;

Land Valuation

  • Carry out and provide property valuation services to the government, corporations and general public;
  • Monitor valuation practices & standards for local valuers;
  • Provide technical advice on land valuation matters;
  • Maintain valuation database & analysed land sales;
  • Provide administration support to the Land Valuation Committee;
  • Update FVS on a quartely basis;
  • Administer of Stamp Duty matters (Transfer)
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