The division of Climate Change and Global Environment Facility (CCGEF) provides a coordinating and facilitating role for Climate Change and GEF programs in Samoa. Coordinating GEF Programme(s) in the focal areas of environmental projects relating to biodiversity, international waters, land degradation the ozone layer and persistent organic pollution, national climate change actions and efforts. The Division also focusses on policy, technical and scientific coordination of various programs, reporting on climate change action, implementation and promoting adaptation and mitigation measures, to providing assistance on proposed climate change projects and ensuring effective reporting and advise is channeled through to all key players. The division also covers the negotiation under the UNFCCC.


The GEF has been one of the main sources of external financial assistance to Samoa’s environment sector and has contributed enormously to Samoa’s success in building a strong foundation for national environmental activities and meaningful contributions to regional and international environmental efforts. The Division aims to work towards strengthening partnership and collaboration between all relevant stakeholder in all levels of government, civil society, NGOs, development partners and the local communities that guarantees inclusivity and nation-wide approach to climate change.


New Projects:

  1. Third National Communication Report and First Biennial Report (2020-2024) MNRE- GEF & Climate Change
  • The enabling activity aims to assist Samoa in meeting reporting requirements under the UNFCCC
  • Convention in accordance with its commitments as a non-Annex 1 Party (as mandated by Article 4 and 12 of this Convention and COP 16 and 17 decisions), and to strengthen the technical and institutional capacity of Samoa to prepare and submit National Communications and Biennial Update Reports to the UNFCCC. Key components is the development and update of Samoa’s GHG inventory, Adaptation Action etc.
  1. Enhancing integrated sustainable management to safeguard Samoa’s natural resources (GEF 7)
  • GEF & Climate Change Division
  • To equip and empower local communities to safeguard Samoa’s indigenous species, natural ecosystems and food 56 production systems from Invasive Alien Species and unsustainable practices.
  1. Samoa is one of five Pacific ACP Countries where the Intra-ACP GCCA+ Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change and Resilience Building (PACRES) is scaling up adaptation and ecosystem-based adaptation EbA pilots. PACRES activities in Samoa are led and coordinated by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) in partnership with Samoa’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), the Pacific Community and the University of the South Pacific. PACRES is funding activities to support climate change adaptation and resilience building in Samoa includes implementation of activities identified in Community Implementation Management (CIM) Plans for Taga and the Matautu villages in Savai’i, that were agreed with village representatives in 2019. PACRES. The project components include:
  • Enhancing water security in Matautu villages;
  • Review ESRAM assessments completed for Saleaula and implementation of agreed EbA options;
  • Support development of forestry inventory in the Masamasa-Falelima National Park and preparation of Management Plan; and
  • Develop communication and visibility products for the project sites.


Projects Implemented at the National Level funded by GEF: 

  • Capacity Building for Mainstreaming and Implementing the RIO Convention (CBD, UNFCCC, UNCCD)
    MNRE – Corporate Services
    Mainstreaming and promotion of the RIO Conventions into national development plans through strengthening of legislative and regulatory instruments. Establish a centralized system where information pertaining to the 3 RIO conventions can be accessed. This system is called Data Knowledge Information Facility. (DKIF)
  • Strengthening Multi Sector Management of Critical Landscapes (UNCCD)
    MNRE – Land Management Division
    Reducing pressures on natural resources from competing land uses by reducing all causes of land degradation, promoting conversational practices, reducing GHG emissions, enhancing land productivity to strengthen sustainable livelihoods and protecting integrity of ecosystem services
  • Economy-Wide Integration of Climate Change Disaster Risk Management to Reduce Vulnerability of Communities in Samoa (UNFCCC)
    MNRE – GEF, DMO, Water Resources, Ministry of Finance, Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Women, Communities & Social Development
    Strategic integration of adaptation and disaster risk management in national policy frameworks and developing planning.  enhancing resilience of communities as first responders of climate induced hazards.
  • Enhancing the Resilience of Tourism Reliance Communities to Climate Change Risks
    Samoa Tourism Authority
    Increase the resilience and adaptive capacity of the Tourism sector and dependent communities to the threats of climate change.  Demonstrate community based adaptation measures for tourism operators in 9 villages.
  • Promoting Energy Efficiency Phase: Air Conditioning Units and Lights
    MNRE – Renewable Division
    Implementation of various energy efficiency and conservation programs, including energy efficient lighting program for the residential, commercial and public sectors and energy efficient measures in hotels and the public sector.
  • Integrating Climate Change Risks into the Forest Sector
    MNRE – Forestry Division
    Increasing resilience and adaptive capacity of Samoa’s forest areas and dependent communities to the threats of climate change.
  • Enhancing Resilience of Coastal Communities to Climate Change
    Reduces vulnerability to adverse impacts of climate change at both the local and national level.
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