Forestry Services

Forest Management:

  • Promote awareness programs for community forestry plantations (CFP)
  • Monitor forestry harvesting operations
  • Maintain and establish community forestry plantations (woodlot/agroforestry farming)
  • Conserve and maintain remaining native forests
  • Maintain management of National Parks.
  • Coordinate community support and partnership
  • Management and maintenance of nursery operations:
  • Supply seedlings to interested and registered farmers.
  • Provide technical advice on forestry issues.

Policy and Planning:

  • Compile data information on forest management and utilization
  • Develop national forest policies and planning for forest operations
  • Upgrade and promote application of SamFRIS
  • Assess and approve forestry harvesting applications
  • Register and inspect operating sawmills
  • Monitor forestry harvesting operations
  • Conduct public awareness and participation programs
  • Coordination and monitoring of the “2 Million Tree Planting Campaign 2015 – 2020

Forestry Research and Development Services

  • Planning and implementing research for the development of the forestry sector and conservation of forest resources;
  • Obtaining and disseminating research information to enhance forest management and the use of forest products;
  • Establishing joint research and joint forest development with other bodies within Samoa;
  • Planning and undertaking research to improve wetland management;
  • Designating wetlands for inclusion on the List of Wetlands of International Importance;
  • Increasing wetland awareness and appreciation;


Forestry Plans

  • Management Plan for Upland Areas of Mauga o Salafai National Park 2018 - 2023                 >> Download Here
  • Management Plan for Upland Areas of Lauli’i to Falevao Area 2018 - 2023                                >> Download Here
  • Management Plan for Upland Areas of Lake Lanoto’o National Park 2018 - 2023                     >> Download Here
  • Vaipu-Management-Plan-2023-2032_FINAL_April-2023                                                                 >> Download Here
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