Community Disaster and Climate Risk Management Program

The Disaster Management Office in partnership with other governmental authorities and local NGOs has provided a unified system to approach DRR in the Samoan communities. CDCRM aims to encourage villages to take responsibility for their own protection on the threat of disasters.
Its main activities include:

  1. Facilitating a community driven process to identify the hazards and risks villages are exposed to and to identify and implement actions to mitigate these risks and lessen the impacts of future events
  2. Organizing villages into disaster committees and response teams, ensuring teams are trained and prepared for collective action.
  3. Organizing a community profiling process to generate sufficient and accurate information; arranging necessary technical support to village committees; and
  4. Targeting the most vulnerable based gender, age, disabilities, socio-economic status, and ensuring their needs and capacities are integrated into the village planning process.

Disaster Risk Reduction