Climate Change Report Card stakeholder Meeting

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment through its Climate Change & GEF Division hosted its first Climate Change Report Card stakeholder meeting with the key objective; to strengthen and enhance coordination across sectors and Ministries to ensure reliable and accurate data/information are generated to reflect status of climate change actions through the Climate Change Report Card.
Five (5) update editions of the CC Report Card are in place and were presented before the Cabinet Development Committee (CDC) meetings in 2019. The main aspects of this report provides a summary highlighting progress of national efforts on mitigation & adaptation, climate finance, governance and climate variability.
Stakeholders attended successfully engaged and were able to review the current representation of information and identify gaps for consideration ensuring the quality and accuracy of data sets are to be addressed in the next edition of the CC Report Card and continuously.
The Ministry acknowledges the hard work and active participation of all key members and aiming to strengthen this partnership to drive this reporting system. This tool will greatly assist with building awareness and decision making across sectors, increase our adaptive capacity concerning the changing climate, and reduce our greenhouse gases emission rate at all levels.

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