Knowledge Co-Creation Program on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

The Knowledge Co-Creation Program on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Course was held in Singapore and Japan on March 3-16, 2019 with the aim to share knowledge on the enhancement of disaster risk reduction and to build capacity within participants’ organizations. Representing Samoa and the Ministry was Ms. Meripa Siaosi.

This knowledge sharing was conducted through lectures from Professors, site visits, knowledge and experiences from previous disasters both natural and manmade, as well as identifying approaches and strategies on disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery/reconstructions. The outcome of this course enable participants to incorporate the knowledge and ideas acquired and discussed through the course into participant’s organizations ongoing activities.

The main concept of this program in accordance to both Singapore and Japan memorandum of discussion since 1994 is that the vulnerability of Humankind from disasters is on the rise. Specifically to developing countries including Samoa. Its measures on disaster risk reduction (DRR) has a very short history, knowledge and techniques has been limited. In addition to that, the significance on the loss of economy from disasters such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis and thus reducing the impact from such disasters has become increasingly important.

Therefore, this course will enhance ASEAN integration and sharing two countries experiences in their areas of expertise, both governments recognized, as areas of priority, training and capacity building for third countries in the fields of security and peace, addressing vulnerability, private sector development, connectivity and smart initiatives.


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