The 2 Million Tree planting Campaign is a national initiative to help advance the cause for sustainable forest management, rehabilitate degraded land areas, the preservation of water resources and protection of biological diversity whilst contributing to mitigation the impacts of climate change. The forests systems are often vulnerable to impacts of human activities. Coordinated by the MNRE through Forestry Division, other divisions of the Ministry fully supports the implementation of the project as it interlinks with key priorities/objectives of their divisions.
The project is also supported by various multi-sectors and projects of MAF, MWCSD, METI, SFA, WIBDI, STEC, SUNGO, FFI, CSSP, SCS and OLSS. It is funded by 5 interlinked projects:
1. ICCRIFS (Forestry Division)
2. SMSMCL (Land Management Division)
3. AF project (PUMA)
4. FPAM (Forestry Division)
5. STEC Project (MCIL).
7th April
Latest Updates
12th May
Latest Update
The Ministry had continue to plant tree saplings since 2015. It has covered many areas of Samoa’s landmass; covering degraded and watershed areas of Upolu and Savaii.
The campaign leader ACEO-Moafanua Tolusina Pouli targets to carry out further tree planting in June for the districts of Anoamaa, Aleipata and Safata. Coordination between all involving MNRE divisions in the Ministry has been major component in the implementation of this campaign.
There are tree planting activities for each month and the Ministry invites Samoa to participate in this important campaign as it will aid in the improvement of Samoa’s environmental health. Citizens of all ages are welcomed; for further details regarding this campaign, please contact: Forestry Division, Phone: 67200 (Ext 244).