waste_audit2_webThe MNRE leads the management of Samoa’s environment and natural resource. We work across a diverse range of issues as reflected in the core functions undertaken by the 16 Divisions. We work in partnership with a number of resource management Boards ( Land, PUMA, Forestry, Spatial Information & Water ) to advise, inform and support community and Government decision making and deliver services to the people and communities. We also work with Government ministries, NGOs and the private sector. We have a responsibility to make sure that the benefits of sustainable managing our natural resources and the environment now and for future generations are understood and shared effectively. Our purpose is to improve our environment and do more for the people and wildlife with the resources we have, while supporting the Government’s drive for economic and sustainable green growth.  Our work is guided by the Government priorities under the SDS, community values, aspirations, the state and condition of natural resources, and our legislative and policy mandates.  The need for environmental monitoring is critical for Samoa where our people depend on our lowland and coastal habitats for farming, developments, forests and seafood for day to day living requirements of food, shelter and energy.

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